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Kenny Chesney - A Lot Of Things Different

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A Lot Of Things Different
Written by Bill Anderson and Dean Dillon
Preformed by Kenny Chesney
(lead into D with:
[D]I'da spent a lot more time in the [Bm]pouring rain without an
[A]Covering my head
[D]And I'da stood up to that bully when he [Bm]pushed and called me
[A]But I was too afraid
[D]And I'da gone on and saw Elvis that [Bm]night he came to town
[A]But Mama said I couldn't
[D]And I'da went skinny-dippin' with Jenny [Bm]Carson that time she
dared me to
[A]But I didn't
Oh [G]I'd I'd done a [A]lot of things [D]different
[D]I wish I'da spent more [Bm]time with my dad when he was alive
[A]Now I don't have the chance
[D]I wish I'da told my brother how much I [Bm]loved him before he went
of to war
[A]But I just shook his hand
[D]And I wish I'da went church on [Bm]Sunday morning when my grandmother
begged me to
[A]But I was afraid of God
[D]And I wish I would've listened when they said [Bm]"boy you gonna wish
you had of"
[A]But I wouldn't
Oh [G]I'd I'd done a [A]lot of things [D]different
[G]People say they wouldn't change a thing even if they [D]could,
Oh, but [A]I would
[D]There was this red dress she wanted one [Bm]time so bad she could've
tasted it
And I should've bought it, but I [A]didn't
[D]She wanted to paint our bedroom [Bm]yellow and trim it in blues and
But I wouldn't let her, [A]it wouldn'ta hurt nothin'
[D]She loved to be held and kissed and touched,[Bm] but I didn't do it
Not [A]nearly enough
[D]And if I'da known that dance was gonna [Bm]be our last dance 
I'da asked that band to play[A] on  and on on and on
Oh [G]I'd I'd done a [A]lot of things [D]different
[G]People say they wouldn't change a thing even if they [D]could,
Oh, but [A]I would
Oh [G]I'd I'd done a [A]lot of things [D]different
Oh [G]I'd I'd done a [A]lot of things .
I think we'd all done a lot of things different.

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