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Travis Tritt - Best Of Intentions

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Transcribed by Joe McHugh 

(To play in Key of actual song, Capo the 1st  fret) 

Intro:    G / C / D  -   G / C / G             G / C / D  -  G / C / G 

(C) I had big plans for our (D) future, 

Said I'd (G) give you the (C) whole world  (D) somehow

I (C) tried to make good on that (D) promise,  

Thought I'd (G) be so much (C) further by  (D) now 

(C) Never could build you a (D) castle, 

Even (C) though you're the queen of my (Cm)  heart

But (G) I've had the (C) best of (Am)  intentions (D) from the (G) start (C)(G)

Now (C) some people think I'm a (D) loser, 

Cause (G) I seldom (C) get things (D)  right

(C) But you make me feel like a (D) winner,  

When you (G) wrap me in (C) your arms so  (D) tight

(C) Please tell me you will (D) remember, 

(C) No matter how much I do (Cm) wrong

That (G) I've had the (C) best of (Am)  intentions  - (D) all  (G) along (C)(G)


I (C) give you a ring, and I (D) promised you  things 

I (G) always (D) thought we'd (C) do

But my (C) best-laid plans slipped (C/A) right  through my hands

to (D) show my love for you.

And if (G) you could (D) read my (C)  heart, 

then you'd (G) know (D) without (C)  exception

It was (Am) all with the (D) best of (G)  intentions (C)(G)

Instrumental                 G / C / D  -  G / C / G 

Chorus (See above)

So (C) here I am asking for(D)giveness, 

and (G) praying that (C) you'll  under(D)stand

(C) Don't think I take you for (D) granted,  

girl I (G) know just how (C) lucky I (D)  am

(C) Know you deserve so much (D) better, 

you (C) won't find devotion more (Cm) true

Cause (G) I've had the (C) best of (C/A)  intentions

Girl (G) I've had the (C) best of (C/A)  intentions,

Yes, (G) I've had the (C) best of (Am)  intentions       (D) loving (G) you

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