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Travis Tritt - Sack Full of Stones

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Song: Sack Full of Stones
      Performed by Travis Tritt - CD 'The Restless Kind'
      Written by Travis Tritt/Marty Stuart

Intro: [E] [A] [E] [B7] [B7] [E]

[B7]I used to [E]be the kind of guy
I could laugh as well as [A]cry
With a [E]heart feather-soft and summer - [B7]warm
Since you've [E]left me I've been faced
With emptiness that's been re[A]placed
With a [E]heart that's hard and heavy as a [B7]sack full of [E]stones

[B7]I never [E]thought I'd ever see
The man my mirror is showing [A]me
Lord I [E]must have aged ten years
Since you've been [B7]gone
The longest [E]mile you'll ever crawl
Is the one after you [A]fall
Draggin' [E]round a heart that's heavy as a [B7]sack full of [E]stones

With the [A]world upon my shoulders
And my [E]feelings on my sleeve
Every time I [A]close my [E]eyes at night
All I [F#]do is watch you [B7]leave
But by [E]far the biggest curse of being left a[A]lone
Is draggin' a[E]round a heart that's heavy

as a [B7]sack full of [E]stones

[B7]Well I tried [E]turning to the bottle
But the bottle turned on [A]me

I've tried [E]everything
But nothing sets your memory [B7]free
I'm serving [E]life here in a prison
That we once called a [A]home
With a [E]heart that's cold and heavy as a [B7]sack full of [E]stones


['Ja well - You won't catch the big one if you don't throw your line in']

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