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Travis Tritt - No More Looking Over My Shoulder

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No More Looking Over My Shoulder
Performed by: Travis Tritt
Writers: Michael Peterson/Craig Wiseman. 1998
C.D, No More Looking Over My Shoulder. 
From: M. Robertson,
Transcribed by

   Travis has put out so many heart touching songs over the last few years, 
and when I heard this song coming home from work one morning, I had to stop 
and listen, I mean really listen, and to Travis, I must send a heartfelt 
Thank You. This song has gotten me through some pretty tough times, and 
helped me remember that I can't change my past, but I can do something about 
the future. Thanks, again.

 Capo at 3rd fret.   Intro: A-G-C-G-A

    A                                                                 G
As a child I was told that I was destined to be nothing

D                           C          G                 A
  Growing wild as I got older I fulfilled what had been said,

A                                           G
Hiding ignorance and fear I prayed nobody saw me bluffing,

                  D       C     G      A
   But I was laying the foundation for a future I would dread,

A               G  D   C  G   A
Yeah! Hmmmmm

          A                                     G                                        
   Seems like every choice I made would somehow leave me second guessing,

     D                                C   G   A
"Bout the green grass I was passing racing towards the other side,

       A                                                        G            
   I thank God for the blessing, That I finally learned this lesson,

                      D             C           G        A
One step in the right direction's worth a wasted mile behind,

(Chorus) Singing

            A      G                    D    C    G      A
    No more lookin" over my shoulder, No more hangin' onto the past,

       A                                             G                D
     No more fillin' up my tomorrows, with yesterday's sorrows,

      A N/c                                            A             G
      No More Looking Over My Shoulder.

        A                                     G                                               
       I could chill a room with reasons why I would not give forgiveness,

  D                        C       G    D
To the people who had selfishly left me a wounded soul,

       A                                          G                                              
     I kept dragging 'rounds those memories, like a ball and chain behind me,

 D                        C    G                  D
Wonderin' why my troubles folloewd me wherever I would go,

     A                                             G
     Oh, but one night, sick and tired of bein' sick and tired,

  D                              C   G         A
I realized forgiveness was the only open road,

         A                                                           G
    I swear I heard those shackles snap, the moment that I took that path,

    D                                     C    G   A
I never have one time looked back, since the morning I arose,

                     Repeat Chorus.
No More lookin' over my shoulder, no more hangin' on to the past,

No more fillin' up my tomorrow's, with yesterdays sorrow

No More, No more. No, No No More

Repeat Chorus,

End Tag:    A    C   D

I have worked on this for the last few days, and I think its is pretty
close, but if I messed up, please feel free to contact me or rewrite it.
I hope this gets you started, and that you enjoy this song as much as I
have.  Keep on Pickin' folks.

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