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David Allan Coe - Heaven Only Knows

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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
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     song: "Heaven Only Knows"
   artist: David Allan Coe
tabbed by: cayce colorado

[C] [F] [G] x2

I:   [C]You aint [F]Daddy's little [G]girl anymore
     [C]Isn't [F]that a crying [G]shame
     [C]With your [F]dreams of Cali[G]fornia
     [C]Searching [F]for your wealth and [G]fame

II:  [E]I can still see the [F]teardrops
     [C]Streaming down your [G]face
     [E]I can still hear you [F]say
     [C]There's no future in this [G]place

III: [C]So you [F]packed your [G]belongings
     [C]While I [F]stood and watched you [G]go
     [E]Why I never tried to [F]stop you
     [C]Heaven only [G]knows

  I: Through the years I got some postcards
     That is all that I recall
     Telling me that you were happy
     But I never got one call

 II: You thought you knew all the answers
     When you were 17
     Someone just sent me your picture
     From some dirty magazine

III: And I've heard you made some movies
     That I would not care to see
     I just know how much I love you
     And that don't mean a thing to me

  I: I guess your brother felt the same way
     I could not keep him on the farm
     They found his body in Chicago
     With a needle in his arm

 II: I can still see the teardrops
     Streaming down his face
     And I can still hear him say
     There's no future in this place

III: While he packed his belongins
     Like you once did long ago
     Why I never tried to stop him
     Heaven only knows

  I: Now I'm standing in this graveyard
     Where we laid your momma down
     I recall that preachers words now
     When they put her in the ground

 II: "It's your job to raise these children"
     And I tried to do my best
     It's been 10 years since we lost her
     From that cancer in her chest

III: I can feel the teardrops
     Streaming down my face
     Lately you know I've been thinking
     There's no future in this place

III: And I would pack my belongings
     But I've got no place to go
     Why the Good Lord doesn't take me
     Heaven only knows

     [C]But you aint [F]Daddy's little [G]girl anymore
     [C]Isn't [F]that a crying [C]shame

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