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Mark Wills - Balloon Song, The

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The Balloon Song 
Mark Wills 
Capo 2nd fret 
Contributed by John Amburgey 
I set a friend of mine up on a date 
And I told him I'd watch his boy for the day 
       G                                 A      
And we had a ball playing games, eating dogs 
Riding rides at the county fair 
I thought he was just being a kid 
When we got back to my place and he did what the did 
             G                                         A 
On a balloon that he won he wrote mommy I had fun 
And I missed you and I wished you there 
  Em                                       A                 Em                               A 
I wasn't sure what he had in mind till he jumped up and ran outside 
                     G  A                   D 
And he let it go, and he waved good-bye 
                    G A                             D 
Or was it hello, I don't know but I died inside 
                Bm                            A 
I can still see his excitement in pointing and smiling 
          D                                   G 
When it was gone as it could get 
And he turned and asked me,  
Think it's in heaven yet 
I struggled for something to say 
I was too choked up lacking the kind of faith 
     G                       A                                  Dsus 
He had in his heart before I could start he walked me back inside 
He gave me his crayola pen and said I'll bet there's a message 
That you'd like to send, and no doubt he was right 
            A                                  Dsus 
It been locked up inside since my grandpa said good-bye 
  Em                           A            Em                             A 
I took that yellow balloon and wrote till I ran out of room 
                   G A                                D 
And I let it go, and we waved good-bye 
                           G  A                         D 
That seven-year old Lord he opened my eyes 
                Bm                             A 
I can still see his excitement in pointing and smiling 
          D                                   G 
When it was gone as it could get 
Then I turned and asked him 
Think it's in heaven yet 

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