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Mark Wills - Lost In A Kiss

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Lost In A Kiss
 Mark Wills 
 Transcribed by: John Amburgey 
 INTRO F#m,D,F#m,D,(Slow Part)
 F#m,C#(4th fret),D,C# (Fast Part)
 *Note* all C# chords are 4th fret
 (F#m)What am I do(C#)in' here(D)starin' at you through these(C#)empty eyes
 (F#m)When did I dis(C#)appear,(D)how did I lose this(C#)piece of time
 (D)I remember your lip(F)s pressed against mi(G)ne
 All of a sud(F)den(G)I was(C)lost
 (C)Lost in a(Am)kiss, I could feel my mind(F)drift off the(G)edge of for(C)ev(G)er
 (C)My heart slips a(Am)way to a beautiful pl(D)ace, that(F)I can't resist
 (C)Oh, I was(G)lost in a(F#m)kiss
 Repeat Intro
 (F#m)Whatever you've do(C#)ne to me,(D)is nothin' like I've(C#)felt before
 (F#m)Right now I can bare(C#)ly breathe,(D)you're everything I'm(C#)livin' for
 (D)"Did you just say some(F)thing, baby I'm sor(G)ry"
 There for a mo(F)ment(G)I was(C)lost
 Repeat Chorus
 Instrumental Solo
 Same chord pattern as verse
 (D)There's so many pla(F)ces yet to dis(G)cover
 Open your ar(F)ms and(G)let's get(C)lost
 Repeat Chorus
 (C)I wanna get(G)lost in your(F#m)kiss

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