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Mark Wills - Rich Man

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Rich Man - Mark Wills
Album: Permanently
Writers: D. Vincent Williams/Rory Lee

**Capo 2**

Intro:  D  D9 (x3)  D  A

         D              D/F#        G
A man is measured these days by the money he's got
Em7                          Asus     A
I'm not sure when it started happening
D                  D/F#                 G
But that's not the way it's supposed to be I thought
Em7                     Asus    A
Or maybe I'm a bit old fashioned (cause I just wanna)

Live my life, raise my kids
D        D9        D      D9
Love my wife like my dad did
I may never be a millionaire
            D/F#         A
But I've got more than enough
     Em7       Em7-D/F#-A        D <--(G in 2nd chorus)
I'm a rich man,          rich in love

D  D9  D  A

         D          D/F#       G
Yeah, a little more money Lord wouldn't it be sweet
Em7                         Asus         A
Heaven knows that it could change things
            D           D/F#      G
But there's food on our table and shoes on our feet
Em7                          Asus   A
So I don't waste my time complaining  (No I'm just gonna)


Instrumental:  G  D/F#  Em7  A


     Em7       Em7-D/F#-A        D
I'm a rich man,          rich in love

Outro: D  D9 (x3) D  A   D

A   =   x02220
Asus=   x02230
D   =   xx0232
D9  =   xx0230
D/F#=   200232 (hold down bottom string with thumb)
Em7 =   020000
G   =   320003

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