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Dixie Chicks - I Believe In Love

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Song:I Believe In Love
Artist:Dixie Chicks

Capo 3

(A)I made a promise to my(D)self
(E)Locked it way deep down in(A)side
(A)Told my heart we'd wait it (D)out
(E)Swore we'd never comprom(A)ise
(A)Oh I'd rather be a(D)lone
(E)Like I am to(A)night
(A)Than settle for a kind of (D)love
(E)That fades before the morning (A)light
(A)Silence stared me in the (D)face
(E)And I finally heard its (A)voice
(A)It seemed to softly (D)say
(E)That in love you have no (A)choice
(A)Today I got the an(D)swer
(E)And there's a world of truth behind (A)it
(A)Love is out there waiting some(D)where
(E)You just have to go and find (A)it
(F)I be(E)lieve in (A)love
(F)I be(E)lieve in (A)love
(A)Love that's (D)real, love that's (E)strong
(E)Love that (A)lives on and (D)on
Yes, (F)I be(G)lieve in (A)love
(fiddle solo)
(F)I be(E)lieve in (A)love
(F)I be(E)lieve in (A)love
(A)Love that's (D)real, love that's (E)strong
(E)Love that (A)lives on and (D)on
Yes, (F)I be(G)lieve in (A)love 
Yes, (F)I be(G)lieve in (A)love
F     E      A
Thanks to a previous version posted by Caroline Houston I was
able transpose it down 1 and a half steps and slap a capo on so
that it can be played easier. I believe for guitarists starting
out that an F is a lot easier to play than a G# :) Happy playing!!

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