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George Strait - Check Yes or No

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Subject: Check Yes or No
"Check Yes or No"
George Strait
Performed by: George Strait
CD: Strait Out of the Box

Capo 1st Fret

Intro: GG DD C  -----------------------------------   GG DD C

G          D              C
It started way back in third grade
G          D                   C
I used to sit beside Emmy Lou Hays
G              D                  C
A pink dress a matching bow and a pony tail
Am                                  D
She kissed me on the school bus but told me not to tell
G          D                     C
Next day I chased her around the playground 
G          D                  C
Across the monkey bars to the merry go round
G        D            C
Emmy Lou got caught passing me a note
Am                           D
Before the teacher took it I read what she wrote

G                     Em            C                 D
Do you love me do you want to be my friend and if you do                                                                        
G                            Em             C           D
Well then don't be afraid to take me by the hand if you want to
G                        D    (NO MUSIC)  replay intro
I think this is how love goes check yes or no
G         D                   C
Now were grown up and shes my wife 
G          D              C
Still like two kids with stars in our eyes
G         D               C         
Aint much changed I still chase Emmy Lou
Am                               D
Up and down the halls around the bed in our room
G            D                           C
Last night I took her out in a white limousine
G            D                         C
Twenty years together and she still gets to me
G                 D                      C
I can't believe its been that long ago
Am                                      D
When we got started with just a little note
Chorus and fade
              Mason T.

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