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George Strait - Amarillo By Morning

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Amarillo By Morning
performed by George Strait

   D                        F#m             G                 D
1. Amarillo    by    mornin'            up from San Antone
2. They took my saddle in Houston, broke my leg in  Sante Fe

                       F#m           C               A7
1. Everything   that   I got is      just what I got on
2. Lost my wife and a girlfriend somewhere along the way

             GM7                           A7
1. When that sun    is     high in that    Texas sky
2. But I'll be looking for eight when they pull that gate

           D             F#m      G
1. I'll be buckin at the county fair
2. and I hope that judge ain't blind

  D                A&      G     A7      D    F#m G A7
1. Amarillo by mornin' Amarillo I'll be there
2. Amarillo by mornin' Amarillo's on my mind

Key change between verses 2 and 3
F#m G F#m A/B E
   E             G#m  A                 E
3. Amarillo by mornin' up from San Antone
                   G#m      A               B7
3. Everything that I got is just what I got on
           AM7                   B7
3. I ain't got a dime but what I got is mine
         E              G#m     A
3. I ain't rich but Lord I'm free
  E                B7      A       B7        E   A B
3. Amarillo by mornin' Amarillo's where I'll be
  E                B7      A       B7        E  G#m A B7 E
3. Amarillo by mornin' Amarillo's where I'll be

Chords  EADGBe
F#m     244222
GM7     320002
A/B     x22220
G#m     466444
AM7     x02120

Greg Vaughn

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arejaysut - 2009-05-19
These are not tabs, they are only chords. I want notes. Tabs show notes to be played. Not just chord strums! Show me the notes, Thank you! You called it TABS not CHORDS. I registered for tabs. I'm disappointed. Sincerely, Bob

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