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Martina McBride - Life Number 9

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Life # 9

Martina McBride
From the Album: The Way That I Am
Writers: Kostas and Tony Perez
Transcription by: Eric Scoretz

Intro- G D A D
Don't tell me no stories
I don't wanna hear no lies
No reasons or excuses
None of your alibis
The phone rings I pick it up
Nobody's on the line
I know she's waiting for you
She's just biding her time
B7                                        D7                        A7 
You'd have me believe its just a night out with your friends
D                                        Bm          A 
But I know you're goin back to see her again

                   G D
You're still in love
            G   D        A   
Livin' on life number nine
                   G D
Breaking my heart
G           D         A    
Livin' on borrowed time
                    G   D
You're cattin' around
G        D    A  
Playin' with fire
                     G D 
You're stealin' love
             G    D       A   A   A    A   
Livin' on life number ni - yi - yi - yine

Instrumental- G D A D 
You're runnin' on empty
Troubles on every side
You've used up you're last chance
You've got no place to hide
I'm tired of these heartaches
Tired of a livin' a lie
Go to her she's waiting
But someday you're gonna find
B7                                        D7             A7
The grass ain't always greener on the other side
D                                               Bm               A  
Now what you thought was love is what you left behind.

[play chorus]

instrumental - G D A D G D A D 

[play chorus]

instrumental - G D A D

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