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Phil Vassar - Like I Never Loved Before

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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #

Like I Never Loved Before
(Phil Vassar)

Key = A;  Capo 2nd Chord Key = G  (to match the recording)
(adjust capo as needed for your vocal range)
(note:  use "Courier New" font for proper spacing)

Intro:  G  D  C2  G  D  C2    (intro & verses picked slow/flowing)
                                    tempo = 72
G        D            C2                        
  I    guess     I    gave myself to someone,
  May -  be a time or two
  Well I tried,       I went through the motions,
C2         G            D
  What was I suppose to do.
       C2        G        C2             D
Well I spun  my  wheels I wasted so much time.
   And then with you   I  finally got it right.

Chorus:  (strummed)
          G    D    C2          G/A
     It's like___ I never loved before.
            C2            G                C2             D
     Like I never saw the sun, Or felt the rainfall on my face
              G    D             C2         G/A
     And it's like___, like it's never ever been.
           C2           G              Dsus  D
     Can't imagine life without you anymore.
             C2                D           G         D    C2
     Yeah it feels just like I never loved before.  (2nd time go to bridge)
                             (End; pause on "loved") D   C2  C2  D  G

G        D             C2                        
  Well I nev  -  er    talked about forever,  
  Now    it's not long enough.
  Who's  that    guy   lookin' in the mirror,  
C2           G             D
  Cause it's not the man I was.
       C2     G      C2              D
Well I only   know I tremble when we kiss.
I'm    making up for ev - ry-thing I missed.

(Repeat Chorus, then go to Bridge)


           Bb2           F
     And I ran around in circles
     C         G            Bb2          F         Dsus  D 
       I never knew,  I was only gettin' ready for you.

(Repeat Chorus)

Chords used:
G 320033       D xx0232      C2 032030    G/A 320203
Dsus xx0233    Bb2 xx0331    F x33211     C 332010

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