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Phil Vassar - Rose Bouquet

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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #

Artist: Phil Vassar
Song: Rose Bouquet
Album: Self Titled
Tabbed by: Christopher C. Bowman - (

This transcription is in the original key of F. 
Since the original is dominated by piano, picking rather then
strumming works best on the verses and strumming fills out the chorus
nicely. Phil uses an F with an A bass throughout the song so I have
listed the fingering for that chord below. Other then that just make
sure you listen to the original a lot to get your timing just right. 
Please feel free to e-mail me ( with any
comments,questions or corrections you have. Enjoy.

F(A) - X 0 3 2 1 1

Verse 1:

F       F(A)       C      Dm
We were something, you and me

A#        Am   Gm         C      F 
Yeah we had'em    rollin' in the aisles

F         F(A)        C      Dm
We got it right once, didn't we?

A#         F(A)     Gm        C    Am
We had our shot and missed it by a mile

   Dm      A#     C  
Forget the bitter end

Am  Dm     A#    C
Can you remember when?


   F        Gm
We sang, we laughed

     A#             C 
They all watched us dance

     F       Dm
They circled around us

  **Gm      Am   A#     
And toasted to forever

C  F         Gm
We played to win

   A#         C
We never gave in

       Dm       Am   A#  F(A) Gm
And we threw it all away

Gm          C      F     F(A)  C   Dm  A#  F
Like your rose bouquet

Verse 2:

F       F(A)         C          Dm
Passion flows like a long white gown

A#           F(A) Gm           C       F
But it ain't easy to keep your love a--live

          F(A)            C      Dm
We hoped each other would come around

A#              F(A)  Gm         C         Am 
We'll use the lessons for better luck next time
        Dm        A#      C
But how sweet it was back then

Am Dm   A#      C 
Do you remember when?


Instrumental: F  Gm  |  A#  C  |  Am  Dm  |  *Gm F(A) A# C

*This run leads right into the last chorus. 
**You'll also notice the same run is located in the chorus around the
words "We toasted to forever, we...." Make sure you listen to the
original to get the exact timing of the chord changes. 

Chorus & Ending

Chris Bowman
Bow n Arrow Technologies

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