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SHeDAISY - Repent

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Repent - SHeDAISY
From the album Knock on the Sky
Kristyn Osborn, Marcus Hummon
Transcribed by: Jana (


D6:  xxx202
B:  x244xx (see notes)
A:  x02220
E:  022100
D:  xx0232
G:  320003
F#: 244322
F#m: 244222
Bm: x24432

Notes:  For the first part of the verse, try alternating between B with 4th 
string 4th fret and 4th string 6th fret:

 one      and     two     and
x24xxx  x24xxx  x26xxx  x24xxx


D6  -->  (A) B

I’ve been walkin' through the fields for hours

Blind to the wild of the wildflowers
A                      E 
Hovering above my own life
Like an apparition
I've been livin' on bread and water

Somebody's wife, mother, somebody's daughter
A                          E
Even in the face in the mirror 
No recognition

   D       G             D         G
I feel my soul slipping out of my skin
       D          E      F#
Come clean in a pool of fire jump in

        G                   D
‘Cause everybody needs a revival
A                           E
Get up off your knees and dance
        G                  D
Iit's fundamental to our suvival
     F#                        A
Get hell bent on shakin' that big white tent

and repent!  (Intro)

All you need is the nagging hunger
Baby the bush is burnin' I ain't getting any younger
Belly up and believe, whatcha waiting for
A revelation
All it takes is a taste of the spirit
Like an addict gotta have it every time I get near it
Straight to the heart of the matter
No hesitation

No other high like liberation

D   G   D  G  D  E  F# 


Bm  F#m  D  E  (2x)

Bm      F#m            D   
Have I really lost my soul
If so I don't know where it went
Bm             F#m                 D
And if there's no other way back home
            E                      Bm
I guess I might as well repent...

End: Jam over Intro (B), fade out

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