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George Strait - Just Look At Me

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Just Look At Me - George Strait
Album: Easy Come, Easy Go
Writers: Curtis Wayne/Gerald Smith

Intro: C  F  C

    G7      C    C7
One look at you
And just look at me
Held under your spell
F          C  G
So helplessly
   G               C    C7
Yes I'm still your fool
Any fool can see
           Dm    G
One look at you
                C   F       C
And just look at me (look at me)

I thought I'd be over you by now
But I guess it's too soon
                 G        F
The truth was so plain to see
G                              C    C7
Tonight when you walked in the room
                 F               G
I just couldn't control the tears
When I saw you again
            F                  Dm
My love is still as strong for you
   G         C   F  C
As it's ever been


G               C    C7
I'm still your fool
Guess I'll always be
           Dm    G
One look at you
                C   F       C   G  C
And just look at me (look at me)

C   =   x32010
C7  =   x32310
D   =   xx0231
F   =   133211(bar chord) or xx3211
G   =   320003
G7  =   353433(bar chord) or 320001

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