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Tim McGraw - Real Good Man

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Real Good Man - Tim McGraw
Album: Tim McGraw And The Dancehall Doctors
Writers: Rivers Rutherford/George Teren

Intro:  D   C5-B5-G5-F5 <---one strum each

Verse 1:
Girl, you've never known no one like me
Up there in your high society
They might tell you I'm no good
G                        D
Girl they need to understand, just who I am
I may be a real bad boy
    C          G         D
But baby I'm a real good man

Verse 2:
I may drink too much and play too loud
Hang out with a rough and rowdy crowd
That don't mean I don't respect
My mama or my Uncle Sam, yes sir, yes ma'am
I may be a real bad boy
But baby I'm a real good man

I might have a reckless streak
                    C  G  D <---these chords one strum each
At least a country mile wide
If you're gonna run with me
                 C  G  Bm <---these chords one strum each
It's gonna be a wild ride
When it comes to lovin' you
G                 D
I've got velvet hands
     C5             B5      Bb5
I'll show you how a real bad boy
         A         D
Can be a real good man

Verse 3:
I'll take all the good times I can get
I'm too young for growing up just yet
Ain't much I can promise you
Except to do the best I can, I'll be damned
I may be a real bad boy
But baby I'm a real good man

I may be a real bad boy
But baby I'm a real good man yes I am

Outro: C  G  F  D

A   =   x02220
Bm  =   x24432(bar chord) or xx4432
C   =   x32010
D   =   xx0232
F   =   133211(bar chord) or xx3211
G   =   320003

Power chords:
Bb5 =   x133xx
B5  =   x244xx
C5  =   x355xx
F5  =   133xxx
G5  =   355xxx

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