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Tim McGraw - Set This Circus Down

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"Set this Circus Down" by Tim McGraw
Words and music by Bill Luther and Josh Kear

Intro: (G) (D) (C) (G) (D) (C)

Verse 1
(G)Sometimes this (D)road, it just keeps (C)winding
(G)Round and(D) round and back(C) again
(G)But you’ve(D) always kept me(C) smiling
(Am)Over every hill, (D) round every bend

(Em)Baby you’re the one smiling with me
When the(D) sun comes up
(Em)I got the wheel, you got the map and (D)that’s enough

(G)And we go(D) rolling down this(C) highway
(G)Chasing (D)all our crazy(C) dreams
(G)I’ve gone(D) your way and you’ve gone(C) my way
And everywhere in(D) between
(Em)One of these days we’ll find a piece of(D) ground
(Em)Just outside some sleepy little(D) town
And set this circus down

Repeat intro

Verse 2
(G)Sometimes I(D) lie awake just(C) thinking
(G)Of all the(D) horizons we have (C)seen
(G)And as (D)another day is(C) sinking
(Am)I thank God (D)you’re here with me

(Em)’Cause baby you’re the one laughing with me
When the(D) sun goes down
(Em)Living on faith and holding on tight
To the(D) love we’ve found

Repeat chorus

*Throughout these last few lines, strum the intro; listen to the CD for the
timing on the strumming.

And set this circus down
Baby, one of these days
Gonna set this circus down
Set this circus down
Baby, one of these days

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