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Tim McGraw - I Didn't Ask And She Didn't Say

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song: i didn't ask and she didn't say
by: tim mcgraw
album: all i want

(G)Fogged in, in dallas on my way to L.A., 
(Em)staring up at the screens all flights were delayed,
When a(C)voice from behind me asked
"stranger how have you(G)been?"
(G)I was caught off guard when I sawl here face,
(Em)stumbled my way through an ackward embrace,
Yet, (C)somehow I managed to say, good to see you a(G)gain,
We caught(D)up on old friends,caught up on old times,
but(C)all thru the small talk it kept(D)burnin' thru my mind.

Does she(C)think about the nights we spent on(D)Crystal(G)lake,
(C)wrapped up in a blanket till the(D)break of(G)day,
So(C)many times I wander does she(D)think of(Em)me 
that(C)way(G)(C)I didn't ask(D)and she didn't(G)say. (Em) (C) (D)

(G)Trading stories and pictures of kids,
(Em)things were gonna do and things we never did,
Til we were(C)standing in that moment not sure what to(G)say,
Then(D)she broke the silence with her little shy smile,
she(C)brought up the weather, but(D)all the while,

I(C)wondered if she thinks bout(D)Jackson(G)Hole,
(C)Nights beside the fire and(D)angels in the(G)snow,
So(C)many times I wander does she(D)think of(Em)me 
that(C)way(G)(C)I didn't ask(D)and she didn't(G)say. 

We(Em)said our goodbyes swore(D)we stay in touch;
Then we(Em)went our seperate ways knowing(D)noone
ever does___;

But(C)I couldn't help but wonder as she(D)walked a(G)way;
If(C)things had turned out different where would(D)we 
be to(G)day, So(C)many times I've wondered does she(D)
think of(Em)me that(C)way(G)(C)I didn't ask(D)
and she didn't(G)say__.

No, I didn't ask(D),and she did--n't (G) say____.(Em) (C) (D) (G).

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