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Tim McGraw - Take Me Away From Here

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"Take me away from Here" by Tim McGraw
From his CD "Set this Circus Down"
Written by Steve Bogard and Jeff Stevens

Intro: (E) (B) (E) (B)

Verse 1
(E)My body burns, like there’s a(B) desert deep in me
(A)A thirsty soul, so (B)unsatis(A)fied
(E)But there you are, like a(B) river to the sea
(A)The once chance I have to (B)change my (A)life… darlin’

(E)Take me away from here
(B)Make it seem like we’re a(A) million miles a(E)way
(B)Another time, (A)another place
(E)Make me a different man
(B)Move me farther than
(A)I’ve ever been be(E)fore
(B)Show me that there’s(A) somethin’ (E)more

Verse 2
(E)Sometimes I feel, like I’m(B) trapped inside myself
(A)Spinnin’ wheels, up and (B)down, round and(A) round
(E)Going nowhere, just like(B) everybody else
(A)With no touch, no (B)sight, no (A)sound… but you could

Repeat Chorus

(B)Give me hopes and dreams to (E)fill my head
(A)Push my heart, so I can(B) fly agai(A)-(E)ain

Tab for solo:

Repeat Chorus

(A)Take me away from(E) here
(A)Take me away from (E)here

Repeat solo

(A)Take me away from (E)here

Repeat Solo

(A)Take me away from(E) here

Repeat solo, fade out

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