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Tim McGraw - Eyes Of A Woman

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Eyes Of A Woman - Tim McGraw
Album: A Place In The Sun
Writers: Steve Mandile/Rory Michael Bourke

Intro: G  A9  (x2)

G                     A9
He was rough, he was tough
And he drank his whiskey straight
                     A9                         G
He would fight every night if he didnāt get his way
                       A9                        G
She was kind she could find all the good in everyone
And then one day she passed his way
He felt reborn in that morning sun
                     A9             Em7
He saw her face, she called his name
                                  A            A9
And from that moment he knew heād never be the same

             D           G         A    G
What you can find in the eyes of a woman
D     G           A    G
Is a reason to believe
            D        G         A
Look deep inside the eyes of a woman
        G       A      G  A9
See the man you want to be

G                       A9
Iād been down, kicked around
The world had got the best of me
                    A9                           Em7
Out of rope, little hope Iād ever get back on my feet
She took my hand, said yes you can
Em7                         A        A9
One look at her and Iām a brand-new man


Em7                      A
When I feel the need for inspiration
F#m                      G          A
With just one look Iāve found my salvation


G                     A9   G  A9 (repeat to fade)
See the man you wanna be

A   =   x02220
A9  =   x02200
D   =   xx0232
Em7 =   022030
F#m =   244222(bar chord)
G   =   320003

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