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Alison Krauss - Ghost In This House

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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
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song: ghost in this house
by: alison krauss and union station
transcribed by: matthew e. woodward "the wood"
album: forget about it

this song can be played with a capo on 3.  Change the chords
as follows:  F=D, Bb=G, Gm=Em, Cm=Am, Eb=C.  I prefer the
capo.  You can also use it up or down the neck to get to a
key that your voice can handle.

I don't pick up the [F]mail, I don't pick up the [Bb]phone.

I don't answer the [F]door, I'd just as soon be [Bb]alone.

I don't keep this place [Gm]up, I just keep the lights

I don't live in these [Eb]rooms, I just rattle [F]around.

I 'm just a ghose in this [Bb]house, I'm just a shadow upon
these walls.

As quietly as a [F]mouse, I haunt these [Bb]halls.
(c.2 I'm living proof of the damage heartbreak does.)

I'm just a whisper of smoke, I'm all that's left of two
hearts on [Eb]fire.

That once burned out of [Bb]control, you took my body my

I'm just a ghost in this [Bb]house.

(V.2)same chords as v.1
I don't care if it rains, I don't care if its clear.

I don't mind staying near, there's another ghost here.

He sits down in your chair, and he shines with your light.

And he lays down his head, on your pillow at night.


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