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Alison Krauss - Happiness

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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #

HAPPINESS (Michael McDonald / Viktor Krauss)
from SO LONG SO WRONG (1997)
performed by Alison Krauss and Union Station
transcribed by Mark Albert

CHORD CHART (see suggested chord fingerings at the end)
|A D |A D |A D |A D |

|A D |A D |A D |F#m D|A D |A D |A D |F#m D|
|E G# |C#m |C#m E |F#m |F#m A |B |G D |A D |A/C# C6 |
|F |G |C |Dm |Dm F |G |A D |A/C# C6 |
|F |G |C |Dm |Dm F |G |A D |A D |

A         D       A    D
With your love I was complete
A      D     F#m       D
Like a haven safe from harm
A        D       A        D
'Til the bitter stole the sweet
A     D       F#m     D
I was perfect in your arms
E    G#    C#m         E    F#m
A precious while I had your smile
        F#m  A   B
'Til it all fell apart
     G   D         A  D  A/C# C6
With one change of heart

F            G
The pain and regret will fade
       C                Dm
But a fact of love will still remain
    Dm    F      G        A  D A/C# C6
You can't always trust happiness
F            G  
Love like a sweet parade
          C                     Dm
'Till the saddest part when the music fades
    Dm    F      G          A   D  A  D
You can't always trust happiness

|A D |A D |A D |F#m D|A D |A D |A D |F#m D|
|E G# |C#m |C#m E |F#m |F#m A |B |G D |A D |A D |

A    D      A      D
If a single star I see
A    D      F#m       D
Ever made a wish come true
A        D         A       D
It would bring you back to me
A       D       F#m       D
But the best my heart can do
      E G#   C#m    C#m   E    F#m
Is to love again, I don't know when
           F#m    A    B
Still it's worth all I fear
    G     D            A D A/C# C6
The heartaches and the tears

F           G 
Love like a lesson learned
        C                 Dm  
When we pass the point of no return
     Dm    F     G          A  D A/C# C6
You can't always trust happiness
F                 G
There in love's steady glow hides
      C      Dm
The power to hurt us so
    Dm    F      G           A D A D A D F#m D
You can't always trust happiness

   A      A/C#       B        C       C6      C#m        D
|--0-|   |--0-|   |--2-|   |--0-|   |--0-|   |--4-|   |--2-|
|--2-|   |--2-|   |--4-|   |--1-|   |--1-|   |--5-|   |--3-|
|--2-|   |--2-|   |--4-|   |--0-|   |--2-|   |--6-|   |--2-|
|--2-|   |--2-|   |--4-|   |--2-|   |--2-|   |--6-|   |--0-|
|--0-|   |--4-|   |--2-|   |--3-|   |--3-|   |--4-|   |----|
|----|   |----|   |----|   |----|   |----|   |----|   |----|

  Dm        E        F      F#m        G       G#
|--1-|   |--0-|   |--1-|   |--2-|   |--3-|   |--4-|
|--3-|   |--0-|   |--1-|   |--2-|   |--3-|   |--4-|
|--2-|   |--1-|   |--2-|   |--2-|   |--0-|   |--5-|
|--0-|   |--2-|   |--3-|   |--4-|   |--0-|   |--6-|
|----|   |--2-|   |--3-|   |--4-|   |--2-|   |--6-|
|----|   |--0-|   |--1-|   |--2-|   |--3-|   |--4-|

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