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George Strait - Chair, The

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"The Chair"

Words/Music by Hank Cochran,Dean Dillon
Performed by George Strait

G               Gsus2  G        Gsus2             G
     Well, excuse      me, but I      think you've got my
Am7                C/D                         D7              G 
chair.     No, that   one's not taken; I don't mind if you sit here.
         Am          D7             Gsus2  G 
I'll be glad to share.  Yeah, it's u  -  sually packed here 
  G             Am7
on Friday nights.

          C/D                        D7
Oh, if you   don't mind, could I talk   you out of a light.
           Gsus2  G            Gsus2     G         Am
Well, thank       you, could I     drink you a buy?
    D7                        Am7                         D7
Oh, listen to me.  What I mean   is can I buy you a drink?
    G                Am  D7             Gsus2  G              Gsus            
Anything you please.      Oh, you're wel   -   come.  Well, I 
            G                  Am
don't think I caught your name.
           C            Bm         Am              E7/G#
Are you waiting for someone to meet you here?  Well,   that
      Am         D7           G
makes two of us;   glad you came.

           Am7                          C/D
No, I don't   know the name of the band,   but they're good
      G                                             Am7
aren't they?  Would you like to dance?  Yeah, I like  the song too,
          C/D                   G
it reminds   me of you and me, baby.  Do you think there's a chance 
    Am                D7
that  later on I could  drive you home?
    G          G/F#      Em
No, I don't mind  at all.

    C             Bm          Am            E7/G#   Am
Oh, I like you too, and to tell you the truth, that wasn't
       D7         Gsus2    G      Am/G      G
my chair after all

    C             Bm           Am          E7/G#    Am
Oh, I like you too, and to tell you the truth, that wasn't
       D7          Gsus2     G     Am/G     G
my chair after all.

        \ | /
       ---O---      \
         /|\________ \  ____________
        / |  \      \ \/           |
                     \    A BAR J  |

Comments about this tab

Guitar179 - 2005-01-31
I meant to rate it a 3, but I accidentally rated 5. Not quite sure where the C/D comes from. Should be a D I think. The Gsus I think should just be G's in the verses with the exception of the use of a 2-beat bass of course. Is'nt the song in A anyways?

Hope that makes things more clear.

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