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Sara Evans - Unopened

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Performed by Sara Evans
CD "Three Chords And The Truth"
Written by Leslie Winn Satcher
Submitted by Clare Bonthrone (

Capo on 1st fret


G			  C
There's a key in a letter unopened
       G		      D
Buried back in an old dresser drawer
          G				  C
There's a name stained with tears on that letter
         G	       C     D	  G
One that I'm sure I've never seen before

G			       C
There's no date on that letter unopened
   G			    D
My guess is it's faded with years
      G				   C
And I can't sleep at night now for wonderin'
    G		              D      G
How long has that secret been hiding here

Did you love someone, lose someone
Leave someone waiting
Is there somebody's heart out there
You could have taken
The letter says it all
           C	       G
Though the words go unspoken
C	       G       D	G
You loved me enough to leave it unopened

G				     C
There's a love that is trust without reason
          G			      D
There's a faith that leaves questions unasked
    	      G				 C
And though my heart has searched for the answers
  G			      D	      G	
I love you too much for these lips to ask

(Repeat chorus)
Oh, the letter says it all
	   C	       G
Though the words go unspoken
        C       G	  D	   G
And, I love you enough to leave it unopened

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