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Alan Jackson - A Love Like That

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"A Love Like That"   by Alan Jackson


D                    G                Gsus2           D
Well, i've been wonderin'....What i've been missin'
D              G                 Gsus2
I guess i   should have   known
D                   G          Gsus2          D
 But, my heart does........and it ain't whisperin'
D                G             Gsus2
  It tells me just what it wants...

Someone who knows.. what i like in my coffee
and the shape of my ol' hat
A lover who always.. looks at me not through me
G          Gsus2        D
I need a love   like that 

D     A        G
  I  need   a    love like that
D         A             G
  I could use a little sun on my back
  D                    A            G
A truck needs a highway... a train needs a track
G             A         D
  I need a  love like   that

Well, i need a new car     but, i cant afford it
so, i keep patchin' that ol' flat
My hearts lonely    and i can't ignore it
I need a love like that


Two young people  dancin' in the daylight
they don't care where there at
Waitin on sunset      holdin on so tight
I need a love like that


( quietly strum the next verse )

One little baby..   Hidin' in the shadow
of her daddys hat
Lovin' and trustin'  blindly she'll follow
I need a love like that


Tag: Yeah a truck needs a highway  a train needs a track
        I need a love like that!

Here's the chords in tab:

    G       Gsus2      D

     x          3           2   
     3          3           3
     0          0           2
     0          2           0
     2          0           x
     3          x           x

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