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Collin Raye - Want You Bad

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Want You Bad - Colin Raye

[Can be capoed at 2nd fret]

Verse1: B
	Baby please don't get too close to me
	           E                                        B
	cause that ring you're wearing says that you're not free
	     E                                B
	if I said I didn't want you, well you know I'd be a liar
	but you'd better run while there's still time
	cause I can't stop this fire

Chorus: B           
	Want you bad, I can't help myself
	        E                 B
	but you belong to someone else
	              E                  B       E
	I'd leave you alone darling if I could
	               F#                 B
	but I want you bad and that ain't good

Solo:	|F#    |B     |F#     |B    |

Verse2: Baby please put away those ruby lips
	and those big blue eyes is too hard to resist
	I'm not that kind of man  - usually I'm strong
	but it's getting hard to tell between what's right and what is wrong


	girl I want you bad and that ain't good

	I want you bad bad bad and that ain't good


	I want you bad  - girl that ain't good

	I want you bad bad bad and that ain't good

	Charted by Rick Schofield (

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