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Sammy Kershaw - Haunted Heart

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Haunted Heart
Sammy Kershaw
Written by:Buddy Brock and Kim Williams
from he album:"haunted heart"
verse 1:	Go down the road, called Yesterday

		 Take a left on a Lost Highway
                                    G7               D5
		And make a right on Memeory Lane
		Drive untill you feel the pain.
verse 2: At the River of Tears, take one last turn
		 Cross the bridge that just won't burn
                                     G7                 D5
 		A run-down house is love's graveyard
                                            A                 D
		That's where you'll find my haunted heart.
                              G                        D
chorus: My haunted heart can't rest in peace
		It's buried with her memory
		It's a living hell here after dark
      D                                          D5
		All alone with my haunted heart.

verse 3: Late at night, a slamming door

		Shadows move across the floor

		And footsteps fall on silent stairs

		I hear her car, but no one's there.

verse 4: Her photograph hangs by the bed

		A grim reminder love is dead

		The love i killed just won't depart

		It's living in my haunted heart.

repeat chorus. 

tag:	i said i'm all alone

		with my haunted heart

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