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Brian McComas - I Could Never Love You Enough

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Song: I Could Never Love You Enough
Artist: Brian McComas
Transposed by: Eddie Garcia (
Capo 1st fret.  Actual key in G#

G                            D
Iíve heard so many times you got to take love slow
Em                                   C
Thatís just something said by unsure people who donít know
G                               D
What itís like to fall when you fall with all your heart
  Em                          C
Wantiní to be together every second youíre apart
Am                          Em
Must not know what it feels like to feel like this
C                        D                      C D
Longiní for each moment, waitiní for each kissÖ


I could never love you enough
I could never hold you to tight
Never give too much of my heart
Never spend to many nights
With my arms just wrapped around you
With a million stars above
Baby I still canít believe I found you
              C               D           G
I could never love you, never love you enough

G                               D
Seems like the time weíre given always goes to fast
Em                                   C
The more I know it with you girl the future is the past
G                         D
Seconds turn to hours the hours turn to days
      Em                                  C
Seems like youíre always leaviní when Iím wantiní you to stay
Am                              Em
Cause I could spend the rest of my life with you mine
    C                          D                    C D
But still itíll only be like a few seconds in timeÖ

(repeat chorus 2 Xís)

Eddie Garcia

**Keepin' it Country**

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