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Alabama - High Cotton

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Recorded by ALABAMA
Words and music by Scott Anders and Roger Murrah

[A] We didn't know the times were lean
A-[D] Round our home the grass was green
It [A] didn't seem like things were all that [E] bad
I [A] bet we walked a thousand miles
[D] Chopin' cotton and pushin' plows
And [A] learnin' how to [E] give it all we [A] had.

As life went on and years went by
I saw the light in daddy's eyes
And felt - the love in mama's hands
They kept us warm and kept us fed
Taught us how to look ahead
Now lookin' back, I think I understand.

[P] We Were Walkin' in [A] High Cotton
Old times [D] there are not forgotten
Those [A] fertile fields are never far a-[E] way
[P] We Were Walkin' in [A] High Cotton
Old times [D] there are not forgotten
Leavin' [A] home was the hardest [E] thing we ever [A] faced.

When Sunday morning rolled around
We dressed up in hand-me downs
Just in time, together with the church
Sometimes I think how long it's been
And how it impressed me then
It was the only day my daddy wouldn't work.


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We Were Walkin' In High Cotton.

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