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Alabama - Once Upon A Lifetime

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Artist: Alabama
Title: Once Upon A Lifetime
Written By: Gary Baker, Frank J. Myers
From: For The Record- 41 # 1 Hits
Transcribed By: Eric Burr

Note: I looked at this after I sent it in and found a few mistakes.  Here is 
a corrected version. This is the greatest song by Alabama in my opinion.  For 
me, it has held true for two of the three verses.  It sounds close to the 
recording, but I may have gotten a few of the chords out of place.  Please 
post any Alabama songs you have.  Thanks.  

D:         xx0232
G:         320003
A:         xx2220
Bm:      224432
F#m:     244222

Intro:  Bm  -     G     -    D

D                 G
Once upon a lifetime
I looked in someone's eyes
                 G               D                                            
And felt the fire burning in my heart
For the very first time
D                            G            
She was scared and young
And had never tasted love
     D                      G            
So I took her by the hand
         D                   G         
And a boy became a man
A                 D                     
Once upon a lifetime.

D                       G               
And once upon a lifetime
You hold the queen of hearts
               G                 D              
But if you gamble on a diamond when
The dealing starts
D                            G        
You stand to lose it all
As the cards begin to fall
        D                           G  
And the lesson learned is hard
                 D                        G 
You're only dealt the queen of hearts
A                 D                                                     
Once upon a lifetime,

So if you take a chance 
       G                             D
Just know the chance you take
    Bm                   G                D
A broken heart's a high price to pay
Bm                     F#m                   G
Foolish ways will make fools of the wise
             Bm                       G               A
And the best things seldom come along twice.

D                       G
And once upon a lifetime
You know that you've been blessed
               G                          D 
When you hold your first born tenderly 
Against your chest
                        D                    G
And through the innocence you see
There you are the family
       D                        G
And you feel a special bond
       D                G 
That only comes along
A                 D
Once upon a lifetime.

Repeat Chorus.
      G               D                             
And people only find
      G                       D        
A love like yours and mine
A                 D
Once upon a lifetime

Outro-     G   -     D

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