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Alabama - Reckless

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by Jeff Stevens and Michael Clark
performed by Alabama
[N.C.]Let's roll the windows down, turn the radio up let the [E]wind blow 
through our [B]hair  
Love is [A(add B)]reckless [B]let's get reckless tonight 

[E] [A(add B)] [C#m7] [Bsus4]-[B]

Verse 1:
There ain't [E]nothin' out here but a [A(add B)]big ol' Texas sky[E]  
There's a red sun painted across[A(add B)] the coming [B]night  
Well, your [E]daddy's got plans for you[A(add B)] 
and [C#m7]mine thinks I'm at [B]school  
They [A (add B)]say it's reckless to chase a dream 
but this [B]town's got nothing for you and me[Bsus4]-[B]

Let's roll the [E]windows down, turn the [A]radio up 
let the [E]wind blow through our [B]hair  
There's a [C#m7]moon tonight and a [A]road outside, baby 
[E]we're gettin out of [B]here.  
I could [A(add B)]care less [E]where it [A(add B)]leads us         
[E]Love is [A(add B)]reckless [B]let's get reckless tonight 

[E] [A(add B)] [C#m7] [Bsus4]-[B]
Verse 2:
Let's take my Thunderbird and leave tonight,
I'll keep the pedal to the floor till we see the morning light.
They can't live our lives for us,
If we let them we'll lose our love.
And love dies hard in this Texas sun,
I'd rather be reckless and on the run


[E] [A(addB)] [C#m7] [B] [E] [A(add B)] [C#m7] [B]

When you're [A]crazy in love you gotta take a chance,
[B]Burn the bridge and don't look back.
[NC] Turn the radio up roll the windows down 
let the [E]wind blow through our [B]hair  
There's a [E]moon tonight and a [A]road outside, 
baby [E]we're gettin' out of [B]here
Roll the [E]windows down.  [A(add B)] [C#m7] [B]
Turn the [E]radio up       [A(add B)] [C#m7] [B]

fade out with the [E] [A(add B)] [C#m7] [B] chord progression


Joe Doug {;=]

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