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Alabama - Daddy's Little Girl

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                  DADDYS LITTLE GIRL - ALABAMA

  G             D              C          G
Drift off and dream, In your paper doll world,
 C               G                G             D
Play with the presents, From the boys and the girls,
      G          D         C           Ami
Your big day is over, The cake is all gone,
                C              D
We sang you to sleep, With a birthday song.....

           G        G7     C - Ami
No You'll never, Be one, Again,
     D          C           G   
The twos', Are tumbling, on in,
  G            G7              C          Ami
Daddys little girl, Is growing up in the world,
        C         D     G
You'll never, Be one, Again.

     G    D         C            G 
The toy, Piano, is quiet in the hall,
    C          G                      D
As Kermie the frog, Sit's watching it all,
     G                   D                   C      Ami 
And soon your legs will grow, And make the tricycle go,
     C                     D
And take you away, From us all.....

           ( REPEAT cHORUS )

Spoken: Good night baby...

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