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Alabama - When We Make Love

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Title:  When We Make Love
Artist:  Alabama
Albums:  Roll On, Country Side Of Life, Greatest Hits Vol. III,  For The 
Record: 41 
              Number One Hits
Written by: Troy Seals and Mentor Williams
Transcribed by: Tim Rehagen

Key:  G major

INTRO:  C   G/B   Am   Cmaj7/D   D

               G              Em               C
There's a light in your eyes tonight

C                                       D   G        D
You know I'd know that look anywhere

C             G                        Em          
You've got plans and I'm one lucky man

Before we get so carried away

There's just something I've been wanting to say

G       Am G/B   C       G/B
When we  make love

     Am                   D                 
It's more to me than just an affair

  Am                             D             
I want you to know how much I care

G       Am G/B   C      G/B
When we  make love

Am                  D  
Oh it's such a precious time

      Am                          D
We share our hearts, our souls, and our minds

                       G       C/G      G      Cmaj7/D    D
When we make love

               G                    Em
Watching you make your little moves

C                                 D     G       D
I can tell it's gonna be a long night

C        G                   Em        
All day long, we keep holding on

It couldn't be any better than this

I got it all at my fingertips



C                          G/B                    Am                  D7
....These moments.....these feelings.......Mmmmmmm



C    G/B     Am    Cmaj7/D     D

                       G         C/G                G
Now let's make love......Sweet love

NOTE:  For the chord,   Cmaj7/D    this is the fingering i would use:

Hold the five strings on the fifth fret with your index finger and the 
E-string on the seventh fret with your ring....


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