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Terri Clark - You're Easy On the Eyes

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You're Easy On the Eyes
Terri Clark

*This is the way she played it on the Opry. If you want to play it 
without a capo play it in key of C. Play "C" instead of "G", "F" instead 
of "C", and "G" instead of "D".

Intro and Outro consist of jogging back and forth from G9 and C9.
 G9          C9 
--3--      --3--
--3--      --3--
--0--      --0--
--0--      --2--
--2--      --3--
--3--      --X--

Album: How I Feel 
Song: You're Easy On The Eyes

Should of known it was you knocking on my door

At a half past a heartache at quarter to four 
           C                      D                    G
Were you startin' to worry I was finally gettin' over you
I almost forgot you looked so fine

If you told me some lies it would be like old times
C                            D                         G
Just getting to see you is almost worth the things you do

You're easy on the eyes, hard on the heart
             D                                      C        G
You look so good but the way things look ain't the way they are
               C                         D
Better say goodbye before this goes too far
            C                         D                 G
Now I've realized you're easy on the eyes, hard on the heart

I got to admit you got a smile

That really reeled me in for a while
    C                D                      G
But it ain't funny honey what you put me through
So why don't you send me your photograph

It'd hurt a lot less than takin' you back
    C                      D                G
And I could still have my favorite part of you




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