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Terri Clark - Just the Same

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"Just the Same"
Terri Clark
[E]You could've walked along a [A]back road
Or on a lonely stretch of [E]beach 
You could have sat there on a [A]park bench
A Sunday paper at your [E]feet
If you'd been waiting for a [D]taxi
Or at a bus stop in the [A]rain  [D]             E         A  
I would've [A]found you, I would've [D]found you just the same D E

You know you could've been a [A]gambler
Whose luck was running [E]low
Or just [A]another drifter 
Without a single place to [E]go
You could have been a broken [D]dreamer
Without a penny to your [A]name D                E         A
I would've [A]loved you, I would've [D]loved you just the same

No it really didn't [Bm]matter
[D]Who you'd been or what [A]you'd done  [E A]
Where we met or when it [Bm]happened
[D]You'd still be the [E]one  [E7]
There's no way to know the [D]future [A D]
But one thing will never [A]change  [D]      E        A 
I'm gonna [A]love you, I'm gonna [D]love you just the same

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