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Terri Clark - Pain To Kill

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Pain To Kill - Terri Clark
Album: Pain To Kill
Writers: Tom Shapiro/Steve Bogard

**Capo 1**

I got a headache from the workday, and a heartache from last night
    G                              D           C G
Anything that could've lately, did not go right
They say that time is the ticket, but I sure ain't got the time
       G                                     A
With a little jingle in my pocket, there's a mission on my mind

I got some pain to kill, hurt to heal
                  C     G
Anything I have to do I will
So come on baby let's take a ride
C                  G
Way on over to the other side
       Em  Em7   Em  Em7 Em  Em7         A
Of this low down, lonely, no good way to feel
I got some pain to kill

I'm gonna find me a party, maybe start one of my own
        G                              D              C G
Light a fire to my troubles and dance around the smoke
I might regret it come tomorrow, when I'm nursing the good-time flu
G                               A
But a girl in my condition only has one thing to lose


D                    C
Promotion bumped me, boyfriend dumped me
Bb                          D       C        G
I gotta do something, so until the sun comes up on Sunday


A  = x02220
Bb = x13331(bar chord) or xx3331
C  = x32010
D  = xx0232
Em = 022000
Em7= 020000
G  = 320003

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