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Terri Clark - Getting There

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"Getting There"  
written by Terri Clark and 
Performed by Terri Clark
From the album "Fearless"
Submitted and Transcribed by Ashlee

I figured this out from an acoustic set Terri Clark did on
GAC spotlite (I believe that's the name of the show).  She
played it capoed on the 4th fret.  But if you want to play
just like the CD version of it, it should be capoed on the
3rd fret.

I'm not sure on the names of some of the chords so I've
written the fingerings as well.  I'm not an expert on the
names of chords, or technical guitar terms, so bear with
me. :)

   The thing about these chords is they have a sort of
bluesish riff in them where you add a base note after a
couple of strums and then release it.  The strum pattern
for the verses is: down, down, +down, down - down, down,
+down.  "+down" is where you add the extra base note.  For
example, with D you would add on 4th string 4th fret for
the "+down" strums.  So when I type out the EADGBE chord
form I'll put the "+down" chord form in parenthesis right
along side the original form.
   There are a couple chords I gave my own lettering of "M"
and "M2", that means "Mystery Chord" and "Mystery Chord 2".

Chord Forms:
   D=xxx232 (xx4232)
   E=x22100 (x42100)
   G=300033 (300233)
   A=xx2220 (xx4220)
strum patterns for each chord:
   verses= d,d,+d,d - d,d,+d,d
   verse to chorus bridge= mystery chord for 8 strums down,
then one strum for Em, and open strum, then d,d,u,u,d,u
   chorus= d,d
   Instrumental= D/ d,d,+d - d,d,+d,d   
                Myst./ d,u,d,d,u,d,d,u
                E/ d,u,d,u,u,d
                G/ d,u,d,u,u,d

capoed 3rd fret along with the album, or 4th fret acoustic

(written by Terri Clark and Gary Burr)

D                           E
Well the sun sets in the west
G                     A
but as fast as you go how would you know
D                    E
You're a busy boy I guess
G                         A
Who just wants the gold at the end of the road

M                     open  Em
Think of all you miss
Passing through like this

C              M2         C1       C2 
You want an answer as soon as you say a prayer
C             M2         C1        C2
You wanna land the moment you're in the air
C             M2      C1     C2
Baby the livin' is all in the gettin' there

D           E           G      A
D                           E
don't be first in every line
G                   A            
Now and then you can be at the end
D                              E
'cause there's only so much time
G                          A
and you can't get back every minute you spend

M                    open    E
You're not even sure 
of what you're runnin' for


 (instrumental) D, M, E, G, D, M, C, G

M                     open   E
Think of all you miss
Passing through like this

(play verse chords all the way out)

The livin' is all in the gettin' there
Gettin' there

The final chorus is picked for half and then C is pulsed by
pressing and unpressing the fingering.

Any questions?  Was I really confusing?
Questions and comments?


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