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Terri Clark - Everytime I Cry

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Everytime I Cry - Terri Clark     *Capo first fret*

Intro:  D  A  Em  A (x2)

A             Em             G             D
You call and wake me up the way you always do
A               Em                 G   D
Say you miss me and you're sorry, deja vu
A             Em            G                 D
You push the button in the heart you know so well
A                Em            G          A
The wall starts comin down and I remind myself

A             G                     D
Everytime I think you might have changed
                 G              D
I put aside the anger and the blame
               G                    D             A                   Make 
myself believe that there's a way to work it out
               G            D
Everytime you say lets try again
              G           D
Beggin me to let you back in
            Em    F#m          G     A          D
Everytime I do, everytime you lie, everytime I cry

A         Em            G              D
If only promises could just erase the past
A            Em            G                 D
I could open up my heart enough to take you back
A               Em             G              D
But we've been down this road time and time again
A                Em                 G            A
I've learned the hard way how this story always ends


INSTRUMENTAL       A  Em  A  D  A  G  A


            Em    F#m          G     A          D
Everytime I do, everytime you lie, everytime I cry

Outro:  D  A  Em  A  (x2)     D

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