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Lee Ann Womack - Forever Everyday

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Forever Everyday - Lee Ann Womack
Album: Something Worth Leaving Behind
Writers: Kim Patton Johnson/Devon O'Day

**Capo 1**

Intro: G  C  G  C

G                               C
I knew this kid, his name was Michael
Em      D               C
He was only four years old
G                             C
We sat on a rock and started talkin'
Em              D               C
And he told me things I didn't know
G                            C
He said yesterday he was an Indian
Em           D              C
And how he played with buffalo
G                               C
Well I got a sense that he had been there
Em              D           C
And he made me really wanna go

Remember waitin' all year for December
Thought God was cryin' when it rained
             Em              D
And that the stars were fireflies
            C               G
Dreams were real and big as life
         Am7  D       G
It was foreve--r everyday

G  C  G  C

G                    C
I was tuckin' in my little girl
Em           D                  C
She held my hand and we said a prayer
         G                        C
I prayed, "Bless Grandma with the angels."
              Em              D              C
And she said, "Hey Mom, she's standin' over there."
G                                     C
Well, I couldn't see her but I don't doubt it
Em                D              C
Maybe 'cause I'm older and less wise
G                       C
What if Heavenās all around us
Em        D                       C
But only seen through childrenās eyes


C                    G            C
They say when you're old you're a child again
   C              G          C   Am7 G
But do we have to wait 'till the------n


G  C  G  C      G                               C
    Forever... I knew this kid, his name was Michael

Am7 =   x02010
C   =   x32010
D   =   xx0232
Em  =   022000
G   =   320003

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