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BR5-49 - Georgia On a Fast Train

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Georgia on a Fast Train 
Performed by BR549 on Big Backyard Beat Show 
written by Billy Joe Shaver 
Verse 1: 
(G)On a rainy, windy morning that's the (C) day that i was born on 
In the old (G) sharecroppers one country (D7) shack 
(G) They say my mammy left me, (C) same day that she had me 
Said she (G) hit the road and (D7 )never once looked back (G) 
Verse 2: 
And i just thought i'd mention, my Grandma's old age pension 
Is the reason why i'm standing here today 
I got all my country learning, milking and a churning 
Pickin' cotton, rasin' hell, and bailin' hay 
(G)I've been to Georgia on a (C) fast train honey 
(G) I wudn't born no yesterday (D7) 
(G) Got a good Christian raisin' and an (C) eighth grade education 
(G) Ain't no need in y'all a (D7) treatin' me this way 
Verse 3: 
And now sweet Caroline , i guess i'll ever find 
Another woman put together like you all 
With your wiggle and your walkin',and your big city talkin' 
Your brand new shiny Plymouth rag-top car 
Verse 4: 
Yeah it's hurry up and wait,in this world of give and take 
Seems like haste makes for waste every time 
And i pray to my soul, when you hear those ages roll 
You better know i'm gonna get my share of mine 
(G)Ain't no need in y'all a (D7) treatin' me this way

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Peck - 2005-11-22
I just wanted to say this song is credited to Shaver, although the BR459 version is a lot of fun too. Nice looking tab

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