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Billy Ray Cyrus - What Else Is There

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Artist: Billy Ray Cyrus
Title: What else is there
CD: Time Flies

Intro G - C (the bass notes walk are G-A-B-C)


G                           Am7
I've got a chair, You got a bed,
             D6                               C
We've got a dream or two running through our heads,
D6                      Dsus/D
You can't cook, I don't care,
                  Am7 - C
What else is there,

(verse 2)

G                             Am7
I've got a car, You've got a room,
        D6                                 C
we can talk all night or make love by the moon,
D6                     Dsus/D
Feel the love, In the air,
                 G  (Bass notes G-A-B-C)
What else is there,


People talk about troubles, 
Till thier blue in the face,
Run around in cirlces,
            G              (Bass notes G-A-B-C)
That's the whole human race,
C        D6                  Am7        
I've got my own life figured out,
You're the, sweetest thing,
  D6             Am7         D
I've ever found, God smilin down,
                 Am7 - C
What else is there,

(verse 3)
You've got this calm, I'm kinda crazy,
Might be a real cool combination in bed,
Your eyes, my hair,
What else is there,

(go to chorus)

(verse 4)
Years from now, even then,
we'll get old and maybe go to bed by ten,
I'll hold your hand, to climb the stairs,
What else is there

(Chords G - C) (the bass notes walk are G-A-B-C)

What else is there (9 times)
(You know what I'm talkin about)

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