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Clay Walker - Heaven Leave The Light On

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Heaven Leave The Light On - Clay Walker
Album: A Few Questions
Writers: Cory Mayo/Trey Bruce

**CAPO 2**

Here is that little riff throughout the song:

Intro:  (riff) D (x3)  G  D/F# Bm

Verse 1:
D                  (riff) D                 (riff)
Well I'm only human,      yeah I'm just a man
D                                  G D/F# Bm (riff)
It don't make no difference who I am
D                          (riff) D
I've climbed some mountains,     and I've tumbled down
D                               G  D/F# Bm
I've been a king, I've been a clown

  D/F#              G
So Heaven leave the light on
Bm            A
It's dark and I can't see
  D/F#              G
So Heaven leave the light on
Bm           A
Burn like a fire for me
  D/F#      G      Bm  A            G
And I won't have no problem asking please
Bb                            D
Heaven leave the light on for me

D  (riff)  (x2)

Verse 2:
Well I've of mansions and streets paved in gold
Yeah I know that's where I want to go
But how do you get there, yes I've heard em say
That if you have to ask then you don't know your way


(riff) D                 (riff) D                   (riff)
      If I see the river,     I'm not afraid to die
D                 Dsus     D9      G D/F# Bm (x3)
Cause I know I'll find the other side


A   =   x02220
Bm  =   x24432(bar chord) or xx4432
Bb  =   x13331(bar chord) or xx3331
D   =   xx0232
Dsus=   xx0233
D9  =   xx0230
D/F#=   200232 (hold down bottom string with thumb)
G   =   320003

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