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Keith Whitley - Do You Think Of Me

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Do you think of me
Written by Sander D. Shafer  (BMI) 1986
Recorded by Keith Whitley   Enjoy.  Thanks to Mr. Shafer for a great  song!   

3/4 time;  key of F   F  | Am/E  |  Bb  |  Bbm  |  F  |  C  |  F  |  C    |   

F             Am/E
If you drive around
         Bb       Bbm
back in our home town
   F           D7            G  C  
I wonder, do you think of  me?
          F            Am/E
When  you drive by the school,
        Bb           Bbm
do you  remember two fools?
   F           C           F
I wonder, do  you think of me   
     F            Bb
and  remember the park        F               Bb
where you struck a spark
    F                  D7
to fire that's still burning
   G          C
a hole in my  heart
         F          Am/E    
then on graduation day
          Bb      Bbm
you just drifted away
   F           C           F
I wonder, do  you think of me?   F               Am/E
Remember those games,
       Bb             Bbm
those cold football  games
F           D7            
I was  your hero
        G        C 
though I seldom  played
      F               Am/E
Back then could you  see
          Bb           Bbm
what our  future would be
   F           C           F
I wonder, do  you think of me   
         F          Bb     
And the classes we  missed
F            Bb
caused by a kiss
       F                   D7 
I can tell you that I've  never
G               C
felt like that since
         F           Am/E 
I don't  know if you  would
            Bb        Bbm
but I'd go back if I  could
  F          C             F   Bb
I wonder do you think of me
            F         C            F   
I still love, do you think of me?

ending   F   F7  Bb  Bbm    F

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