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Keith Whitley - Kentucky Bluebird

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"Kentucky Bluebird" by  the late, great Keith Whitley

Capo II

Intro: D D D D | G  (pick 1) | D D D D | G (pick 2)

Verse 1:
D                                                 A
Blown down the highway by two different winds
D                                            G

Lord only knows when I'll see you again
D                                                A
You're about as close as the stars up above
                   G                              | G G G D | G
You're my long distance love


G                      D        G                              A
Kentucky Bluebird, I heard your song today
G                             D                       A      G
But when I try to touch you, you fly away

Verse 2:
D                                A
Blue is a feeling I'm learning so well
D                               G
Turn on the TV in another hotel
D                                              A
Turn down the volume and stare at the wall
           G                                | G G G D | G
God I wish you would call


Bm                      A
How I hate the miles between us 
G              A                   D
They get longer each day
Bm                                    A                   
I had this dream and you should have seen us
G                                        A                     ...D | G
Holding each other and drifting away

(Chorus) 2X

G              D
You fly away

(repeat intro)

Pick 1:                                          Pick 2:
A____2___2_ 0______________________2______

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