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Waylon Jennings - Dirt

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************************** DIRT **************************

written and performed by Waylon Jennings.

Verse 1:
	Dirt is quiet,it don't make noise
              A           B      A            E
	It's fun to play with,especially for boys
         B                             E 
	Girls don't much like it,but that's okay
         A               B           E 
	Boys don't like girls much anyway

         E    B      A      E 
	Dirt,dirt,good ol' dirt
         A    B      A      E
	Dirt,dirt,good ol' dirt
	    B                      E
	It may sound silly,but it really don't hurt
            A           B       E    
	To sing about good ol' dirt

Verse 2:
	It hurts just a little if it gets in your eyes
             A              B        A        E
	You can put it in water and make mud pies
         B                        E   
	Babies will eat it,but babies are dumb
          A             B           E   
	They wet their diapers and suck on their thumbs


Verse 3:
	It don't cost a thing 'cause it's everywhere
             A                B        A      E      
	You can take it back home and nobody cares
         B                                E  
	You can throw it and kick and it don't even hurt
              A           B          E      
	So a kid's best friend just got to be dirt

Chorus (x2).

     E     A     B       E   
	I love good ol' dirt

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