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Waylon Jennings - Her Man

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************************** HER MAN *************************

written by Kent Robbins

performed by Waylon Jennings.

Verse 1:
	 E                           A
	I'm gonna change my ways of doing things around here
         E                                 B  
	I'm turning over a new leaf,gonna get myself in gear
	Cause i've got a woman who's better than most
            A                         B
	And i've made a mess of her plans
             A            B                      E
	So starting today all i'm gonna be is her man

      E              A                 E
	I've been a wild catter and a go-go getter
                B          E
	Been an SOB right down to the letter
              A                  E
	I've had misadventures,i even got pictures
	Of even more than i can stand
             A            B                   E 
	So starting today all i want a be is her man

Verse 2:
	 E                                A   
	I'm gonna give it all back,'cause all i've done is take
         E                                       B
	I've put her on the back burner while i was out on the make
	But i've got a woman who's good enough
                      A              B  
	To give me a second chance again
             A            B                      E 
	So starting today all i'm gonna be is her man


               A/                      E/ 
	I'm a little bit late,but i'm wising up
             B/                C#m 
	I'm taking her by the hand
          A            B                   E 
	Starting today all i want a be is her man

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