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Alan Jackson - Gone Country

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Gone Country - Alan Jackson (Bob McDill)

  G                      D               C

And this repeated 4 times. This is not the correct picking, but I don't
know what he really does (during the C-chord) so I play this.

In between the lines this is played too.

G                                   C         D            (riff)
She's been playing that room on the strip for ten years in Vegas
      G                      C          D        (riff)
Every night she looks in the mirror but she only ages
           G                                   C            D           (riff)
She's been reading 'bout Nashville and all the records that everybody's buying
           G                  C    D          (riff)
Says I'm a simple girl myself grew up on Long Island
       Em                D
So she packs her bags to try her hand
     Em            D
Says this might be my last chance

first chorus:
           G        C            D
She's gone country, look at them boots
           G        C           D
She's gone country, back to her roots
           G        C             D
She's gone country, a new kind of suit
           Em       NC
She's gone country, here she comes

Well the folk scene's dead, but he's holding out in the village
He's been writing songs, speaking out against wealth and privilege
He says I don't believe in money, but a man could make him a killin'
Cause some of that stuff don't sound much different than Dylan
I hear down there it's changed you see
They're not as backwards as they used to be

second chorus:
He's gone country, look at them boots
He's gone country, back to his roots
He's gone country, a new kind of suit
He's gone country, here he comes

He commutes to L.A., but he's got a house in the valley
But the bills are pilling up and the pop scene just ain't on a rally
He says honey I'm a serious composer schooled in voice and composition
But with the crime and the smog these days this ain't no place for children
Lord it sounds so easy, this shouldn't take long
Be back in the money in no time at all

second chorus

third chorus:
Yeah he's gone country, a new kind of walk
He's gone country, a new kind of talk
He's gone country, look at them boots
He's gone country, back to his roots

He's gone country
He's gone country
Everybody's gone country
Yeah we've gone country
The whole world's gone country

This one was requested, so here it is

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