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Alan Jackson - Right On The Money

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Right On The Money  by  Alan Jackson
Capo: 3rd Fret

Intro: C Am F G, C Am F G

C       Am                    F                G
Let's begin with the day I first met her,
C                      Am                    F               G
How fast this good ole boy's world got better,
C           Am             F               G
Sky got bluer, the grass got greener,
               F (strum)                       G(strum)
Just the first few seconds after I first seen her
              C             Am            F                G
Like my favorite song on a new set of speakers,
      C             Am                  F              G
My best old jeans, and my broke in sneakers,
    C              Am                  F                        G
A home run pitch floatin' right down the middle,
        F (strum)                                 G(strum)
The sweet music made when the beau hits the fiddle,

    F  G C                   Am
She's, right on the money,
F G                  C                    Am
       She goes direct, to my heart,
F G          C                           Am
       And when it comes to lovin' me,
F                    Em                  Bb           Am
   She's everything I need, bullseye perfect,
She's, right on the money

She's no red lights, when I've overslept,
She's a three point jump shot, that's nothin' but net,
A hand full of Aces, when the dealer's done dealin',
I'm forever on a roll, that's how she's got me feelin',

(Instrumental C Am F G, C Am F G, C Am F G, F G with verse chords)

Am                    Em                        F          Em
She's the best cook that's  ever melted cheese
           F                                               G
I ain't much around the house, but I aim to please,
              Am            Em  F              Em
There's absolutely no reason to doubt her,
F (strum)                                 G(strum)
When she says I wouldn't last ten minutes without her,

(Fade to end with verse chords)(whistle)

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