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Charlie Daniels - Last Fallen Hero, The

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The Last Fallen Hero
by Charlie Daniels

Intro: Em

         G     G/F#     Em           G        G/F#    Em
Oh the cowards came by morning and attacked without a warning
Leaving flames and death and chaos in our streets
  C                         B7                 Em
In the middle of this fiery hell brave heroes fell
G                 G/F#    Em        G   G/F#            Em
In the skies of Pennsylvania on a plane bound for destruction
With the devil and his angels at the wheel
C                                        B7
They never reached their target on the ground
Brave heroes brought it down

              G                       C
This is a righteous cause so without doubt or pause
       D                          G
I will do what my country asks of me
          G                C
Make any sacrifice, weāll pay whatever price
         D                           G
So the children of tomorrow can be free
Lead on red, white and blue
             Bm          C                     Cm
And we will follow you until we win the final victory
            G                        C
God help us do our best we will not slack nor rest
           D                        Em
Till the last fallen hero rests in peace

          G      G/F#      Em          G        G/F#   Em
Now the winds of war are blowing and thereās no way of knowing
Where this bloody path weāre traveling will lead
C                       B7                   Em
We must follow till the end, or face it all again

         G    G/F#    Em      G         G/F#                   Em
And make no mistake about it, write it, sing it, preach it, shout it
Across the mountains and the deserts and the seas
C                           B7                        Em
The blood of innocence and shame, will not be shed in vain


            G                         C
God help us do our best we will not slack nor rest
          D                         Em
Till the last fallen hero rests in peace

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